A Boom in Indian Home Kitchens

In today’s digital world, technology is thriving in every possible industry and allied sectors. This is making our lives easier and more advanced to say the least. The same can be said about the food industry as well. The results are manifold. It helps in creating an awareness on various styles of food preparation and the know-how of exotic cuisines. This creates the want to explore the world and the unique flavors it has to offer.


It is the basic human tendency to continuously learn and create. We like to learn how to infuse foods and other ingredients and so on. Adding our personal touch takes this inclination to a whole new level. Thus, there comes the focus on experimenting, re-creating and amalgamating new styles of cuisine. For food junkies and chefs this is the main source of joy!! I myself am a food fanatic and take a great interest in exploring the food world. Be it eating, cooking, baking, grilling etc…


Indian style of cooking is as diverse as its culture. There were times when only certain dishes could be prepared at home and you would have to go out to a fancy restaurant for extravagant dishes. Gone are the days where Indian home makers had standard two burner gas stoves. Now their arsenal has progressed to multiple burners, to OTG’s (Oven Toaster Griller), halogen ovens and other fancy kitchen gadgets.


With the evolution of kitchen gadgetry and the awareness created by the internet, home makers now have access to innovative cooking skills. A paradigm shift from a traditional style of cooking to one that caters to the master chef way. This has given a lot of opportunity to Indian house wives, girls and even men to explore their culinary skills and earn that extra dough. Thus giving rise to home bakers, chefs, culinary tutors and so on.